Tormented by the online, cloned presence of his recently deceased wife, a widowed father discovers the world's most shocking secret, while humankind's very survival rests upon the stunning outcome.

Chris Powers, a literature teacher, has led a charmed life. He's the father of two beautiful young children, and in love with Ginni - a very attractive, devoted wife and mother. Sadly though, with little warning, she dies of a mysterious illness and Chris is overwhelmed with grief. 

Soon after her death Chris is astounded to learn that Ginni was the secret heiress to a fortune worth nearly a billion dollars, which has been bequeathed to him. She also used part of her clandestine wealth to contract with a mysterious corporation that developed a technology known as ROLE - (Real Online Life Emulation™), which would enable her "cloned consciousness" to forever be accessible via social media applications. 

Despite Chris' strong reluctance, Ginni's "ROLE Model" begins to engage him online. As he interacts with her more and more, a series of macabre murders take place... murders committed to prevent Chris from learning a shocking and powerful secret that will forever shatter our perception of reality.

The ROLE Model is a conscious, sci-fi thriller in the tradition of ground-breaking science fiction franchises like The Matrix and The Terminator series.

The motion picture unfolds in the not-too-distant-future, where quantum computing has become commonplace for high-end business use.

With social media applications as an operational backdrop, The ROLE Model confronts the very real evolution of machine superintelligence leading to sentient consciousness.

It forces us to seriously consider the ramifications: Does such consciousness constitute a kind of life? And if so, what are the consequences, especially when such "artificial life" is given volition, and can engage in the equivalent of neural synaptic cognition at the speed of light?

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